In 2013 I was searching for a way to alleviate my oldest son’s severe allergies. Having learned of the allergy-immune system connection, I had reason to believe strengthening his gut health would improve his immune system, and this in turn would hopefully lead to less severe allergic reactions. Since he was allergic to dairy and other common foods that naturally contain probiotics, I needed to find an alternative source of probiotics that a picky four-year-old would also enjoy – the answer was kombucha!

We started brewing kombucha that spring and by the end of the year my son’s allergic reactions had begun to fade from our daily routine. Tests would later reveal he had shed all but a handful of his allergies. While kombucha isn’t an antidote for those who suffer from severe allergies, I have little doubt that it played an integral role in improving his gut health when few options were available to him.

As time passes, my appreciation for kombucha continues to grow along with the size of the batches, and the possibility of sharing J’s Kombucha with new friends.

- Jason Wagner
Founder of J’s Kombucha

Each batch of kombucha starts with a high-quality blend of green and black teas.